when I save plot as .tiff with ggsave, the words became very small, but in R the words are clear and biggerr.

hello, as you can see, the words of the pic in R are big enough to see it clearly,

and then I export the pic as .tiff file,

ggsave("Financial.tiff",width = 60,height = 50,units ="cm",dpi=720)

and the words in the pic became so small ,why this? how should I do ? Could you please help me?

This is because the plot in the viewer is much smaller than 60 by 50 centimeters! You can control text size with themeing functions (see below):

Thank you very much, I got it and reduce the pic size, it solved!

As a general rule it's best to decide first what you want to to with the plot, then define its dimensions and after this the sizes of the font elements, points and line thicknesses.

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