When I run the default `blogdown website` in RStudio, I can't get syntax.

Hi all,

After install and load all required packages to build website using blogdown in Rstudio, I go to File -> New Project -> New Directory -> website using blogdown and then I run the codeblogdown::serve_site() from the console. It works for the default but when I open the content/post/index.rmd and also content/about.md not open in script window like :

I need the format then edit to my own personal website. Any help, please?

However, it works when I try it using File -> Reopen with Encoding -> UTF-8.

I also try to change the default Encoding system as: Tools -> Global Options -> code -> Savings -> Default Text Encoding to UTF-8 and still not working. The only solution is always using the File -> Reopen with Encoding -> UTF-8 path, even to open locally saved script files.

I think the problem happened during install the new R 4.2.0.