When i launch rstudio I get prompted for a download file? anaconda install

After installing rstudio in a new anaconda environment, when i launch rstudio I get prompted for a download file? If I click cancel then rstudio closes. Is this a bug or is there some file I'm meant to load please?

System Information:

  • RStudio Edition: (Desktop or Server) Desktop
  • RStudio Version: Anaconda install
  • OS Version: windows 10
  • R Version: 1.1.423
  • Output your diagnostics report (if possible):

From RStudio Desktop Will Not Start on support.rstudio.com

Hi! Welcome!

This problem has been reported before (see RStudio crash on open (downloaded with Anaconda) and the other posts linking to that one).

There hasn’t been any solid explanation, but there are suspicions of a connection with a Windows 10 update. Most people seem to have solved it by switching to installing the RStudio IDE as directly provided by RStudio.

I think that the chances of getting official attention on debugging this issue are low, given that according to previous posts by RStudio employees, installing via anaconda is not officially supported:

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Yes, I was able to get it to work by downloading the RStudio installer and directing it to the R installation in my Anaconda directory:


Glad you got things working. And I fixed that silly circular link in my original answer :flushed: Hasty copy-paste strikes again!