What's wrong with my loop?

Hi All!

I'm trying to create a webscraping tool for propertyfinder, so I have this code chunk below,
but it keeps giving me an error saying "unexpected symbol" on the for loop part. I just don't know where the problem is.

Thanks a lot for the help guys!! Appreciated

get_age <- function(property_link) {
  property_page = read_html(property_link)
  listing_age = property_page %>% html_node(".property-page__legal-list+ .property-page__legal-list .property-page__legal-list-item--value") %>% 
newprop <- data.frame()
for (property_pages in 1:25) {
  link = paste("https://www.propertyfinder.ae/en/search?c=1&cs=off_plan&l=6&ob=mr&page=" 
  page <- read_html(link)
  Property <- page %>% html_nodes(".card__location-text") %>% html_text()
  Price <-  page %>% html_nodes (".card__price-value") %>% html_text ()
  Property_Type <-page %>%  html_nodes(".card__property-amenity--property-type") %>% html_text()
  Area <- page %>%  html_nodes(".card__property-amenity--area") %>% html_text()
  Description <- page %>% html_nodes (".card__property-title-payment-plan span , .card__title-link") %>%      html_text()
  Bedroom <- page %>% html_nodes (".card__property-amenity--bedrooms") %>% html_text()
  Bathroom <- page %>%  html_nodes(".card__property-amenity--bathrooms") %>% html_text()
  list_age <- sapply(url, FUN = get_age, USE.NAMES = FALSE)  
  newprop <- rbind(data.framedata.frame(Property, Property_Type, Price, Area,
                   Bedroom, Bathroom,list_age, Description, url, stringASFactors = FALSE))

print(paste("Page:", page_result))


Are you missing a comma before property_pages?

Hi thanks, the whole code now works but now it's giving me an error "http error 400". I'll try to figure this out.

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