What's the right place to ask questions about the old support site?

Occasionally I wind up linking to something archived on the old support site. I've noticed some software weirdness that makes those links maybe less helpful than they could be. I don't know where to ask about it (I realize that it's entirely possible that what I'm seeing is a known issue that will not be solved).

For all open source support, support.rstudio.com is basically deprecated, and replaced by RStudio Community.
There was a thought to hide topics threads related to open source tools, but some of those pages are still useful and popular.

RStudio's various support and development teams use it for support of pro products, and as a place to publish static support docs ( for example, the Troubleshooting Guide: Using RStudio)

So, I suspect when you'd like to ask a question about one of these threads, RStudio Community is the right place to ask it. The core ide team checks out #rstudio-ide frequently, similar with #tidyverse questions.

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Thanks! Any thoughts on the best category here for posting a (really absurdly esoteric) issue with the archived/deprecated support site pages? I spend a decent amount of time trying to un-clog #rstudio-ide, I'd hate to find myself contributing to that problem! :sweat_smile:

What kinds of questions?

One idea: ask that in #meta, and we can converge on a special tag for these types of things (e.g. rstudio-support-feedback or something), and I can make sure the IDE team and the support folks monitor that tag closely.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of awkward asking a question about a question without saying what the question is! :laughing: I’ll go ahead and post it in #meta. The tag idea makes sense to me!

Okay! So the support team that maintains support.rstudio.com is NOW watching the tag support-feedback (rstudio-support-feedback was too long for discouerse).

Also, when in doubt, you are always free to email support@rstudio.com directly. This just creates a ticket.

Did you mean now watching? :thinking: