What's New in RStudio 1.2? - Python Integration

RStudio 1.2 Preview: Reticulated Python

by RStudio Team on 2018-10-09

One of the primary focuses of RStudio v1.2 is improved support for other languages frequently used with R. Last week on the blog we talked about new features for working with SQL and D3. Today we’re taking a look at enhancements we’ve made around the reticulate package (an R interface to Python).

The reticulate package makes it possible to embed a Python session within an R process, allowing you to import Python modules and call their functions directly from R. If you are an R developer that uses Python for some of your work or a member of data science team that uses both languages, reticulate can dramatically streamline your workflow. New features in RStudio v1.2 related to reticulate include...
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