What would you say to High School Juniors and Seniors to generate interest in a career in data science?

I have to give a 45 minute speech to a group of high school students regarding a career in data science. Any suggestions? Is it best to strive for an undergraduate degree in Stats or CS first and then pursue predictive analytics? This seems like a logical course but so many outstanding data scientists have taken different paths. All suggestion welcome.

Tell him someone who is proficient in R and Excel can make average $126,000 as starting salary. And with that money they can buy every skin in Fortnight. That should do the trick :wink:


Make sure to tell her to

Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. R.P. Feynman


Thanks! Tried that with my own HS son who then dropped lunch and signed up for AP stats :slight_smile:


That was cute!
Good job, Daddy!