What version of Rstudio released with R 3.6.3? How can I install it?

What version of Rstudio was released with R 3.6.3?
What is the best way to install old R packages?(footnote 1)

So I was speaking with a Dr. Hadley about improving the error functions for tidyverse. It's more of a customer experience issue. He asked for a reprex. Since I struggle to write them, I think the best reprex would be to reproduce an error with tidyverse but in a version of Rstudio and R where errors were very easy for beginner users like myself to figure out what is going on.

Back in Q1 2020, there used to be this version of Rstudio where when things error out, it would print a line number and it was clickable. In the current version of R, I still occasionally see it, but it was not as pronounced as it was back then.

(footnote 1) I think I can figure out my own second question about installing packages. I just never installed R myself before. I think by following the directions for "build from source", I might be able to install older R packages. I am just not sure how build from source works in older versions of R on Windows. I want to avoid putting things in my Documents folder on Windows 11.

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