What They Forgot to Teach You (Seattle Oct 2018) ... system setup

The main pre-workshop setup for the "What They Forgot to Teach You About R" workshop relates to Git/GitHub and RStudio.

This truly requires your attention before you show up at 9am on Thursday October 4. We want to show you how to use Git/GitHub in your life as an R-using data analyst, which means we can't afford to get bogged down in a hot mess of Git installation issues. Let's try to work through them beforehand.

Start here: http://happygitwithr.com/workshops.html#pre-workshop-set-up

This is the thread to use if you get stuck. If we see recurring problems, I might move it over to a GitHub issue on the Happy Git repo.

If you wonder why I've chosen to include Git/GitHub in this workshop, you might want to read Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about version control?.

Go forth and install Git! :boom:


BTW you are welcome to show up starting at 8am on Thursday October 4 :wink: because that's when breakfast starts.

And between 8 and 9 it might be possible get a hand from one of us instructors/helpers, if any of the Git setup seemed to go sideways.

I have an issue. At Boeing we use GitLab
my Git installation points to GitLab repositories. Will I screw this up if I use the bash commands to connect to Github?

There shouldn't be any issues using git to connect to both GitLab and GitHub and cloning a GitHub repository should not affect your existing repositories from GitLab.

If you do run into any issues we will be happy to help resolve them.

Hmm, I thought I replied to this earlier (in transit) and asked @jimhester to come over here. Which luckily he did!

I'll still add my earlier message: Remotes are set on a repo-by-repo basis, so the use of Gitlab for project A and GitHub for project B will not create crosstalk.

Do you use HTTPS or SSH to provide credentials for your work use of Gitlab?