What string of R-code would replace this stata code?

I am currently replicating a paper in political economy for my master's dissertation.
However, I have no knowledge about Stata code, which the DO file for the dataset comes with.

The DO file is obviously much bigger than the string of code presented here.

reg f5.polity2 polity2 rgdpchln grgdpch ksharehoule ksharehoule2 elf60 moslem netmigrationpc tyear_1961- tyear_2001, cluster (ccode)

As the logic of operation is the same, does anyone here know what code in rstudio would be equivalent of the action in stata called "tyear"?

"tyear_1961- tyear_2001" - what code in R would I have to write and implement to replicate the action done in stata?

I have been trying to figure this out for the past 2 weeks but to no avail. very little is to be found on the internet. :frowning:

I greatly appreciate all help.

If your main challenging is in understanding a Stata script, perhaps theres a Stata forum that can support you ?

If you can describe your requirements in Engish, this forum can help you determine appropriate R code, but I don't know Stata ... so...

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