What should I do when the output says "the function ggplot was not found"?

I have been trying to create plots on the Rstudio 4.2.1 version on a Windows8 laptop, however, I have just been getting errors. At first the function was not found, then it prompted me to install Rtools which I did and now it says ggplot does not work on this version of Rstudio. What should I do? I need your help as I need to complete a project within limited time and I am stuck.

You get the error "the function ggplot was not found" because you have not loaded the ggplot2 library.
Have you run


What was the result of that? You only have to run that once to download the package. If it ran successfully at any previous time, you do not need to run it again.
Have you run


before trying to use the ggplot() function?

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