What prediction information does the .workflow object contain?

Is it possible to extract some predictions from the .workflow object in following way:

workflow_result %>% pull_workflow_fit() %>% .$fit %>% .$predictions

I assumed that these are the class probabilities calculated on the training dataset, but I am not sure.

Do you know what prediction information the .workflow object contains? Is it OOB prediction?
Thank you.

It is probably not out-of-bag (in the ensemble sense). It depends on the model fit since what you see in the fit slot comes from the underlying model object.

I completely recommend using predict() to get what you want.

Thank you for your recommendation. On the other hand, it's just super convenient to use the workflows, but I understand that for anything more specific you have to resort on the more generic/basic building blocks.

Sorry, I forget to mention that I was using the ranger engine.
Lately, I came across to this issue - based on which it should be the OOB prediction (and my results were suggesting the same).

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