What means e-61?

hello people. I am taking a statistics course and tried to work out a way to calculate the p-value
I want to know if I'm on the right track
in the course, the teacher says that the p-value is approximately zero
in my calculation in R it says the result is 1.247316e-61

a <- 100
s <- 6.5
n <- 35
xbar <- 118.2
z <- (xbar-a)/(s/sqrt(n))
[1] 16.56502
[1] 1.247316e-61

  1. My question What does 1.247316e-61 mean?
  2. Did my other question do the right thing in R to solve the problem?

for more information see attached image


Obsevation- I am a virgin novice, I know.

e or E is shorthand for "times ten to the power of". It stands for "exponent".

So 1.247316e-61 is 1.247316*10^-61

A very small, positive number.

It looks right to me.

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