What means "Active HTTP Requests" in shiny Admin UI

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the shiny Server Admin Interface. When selecting an application there is a table in the upper left of the page. I understand all rows except for "Active HTTP Requests". What is a HTTP request within a shiny application and how is the indicator value for this row measured?

The background to my question is, that for one of our applications there are always 2 active HTTP requests displayed. Even if there are no open connections and active users for this application for a certain time.

Thank you in advance!

It is supposed to reflect the number of, well, active HTTP requests, which for Shiny is usually one of: initial loading of the HTML page, downloading CSS/JS assets, downloading or uploading a file (via downloadButton or fileInput), downloading data from a DT data table or selectInput.

I don't know why this would be >0 while no users are connected. What happens if you terminate any active processes, hopefully it goes to 0 then?

Thank you for your reply @jcheng! Now, I have a first clue what is measured with the KPI "Active HTTP requests".

We are interested for the active HTTP requests, as we develop and operate a Shiny server with multiple applications running. Currently we observe that some applications do not time out - even if there are no users connected for a certain period of time. We assume that the existing HTTP requests cause the fact that applications do not time out. Do you think this may be a possible reason?