What kind of time frame to implement R Studio Connect within R Studio Server

Our company already has a license for R Studio Server and is thinking about purchasing the license for R Studio Connect. I'm wondering how long it would take to install and roll out the R Studio Connect features to our data scientists. It is a matter of days/weeks/months?

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The time required to roll out RStudio Connect varies based on infrastructure and company requirements. The installation process for RStudio Connect itself is similar to RStudio Server Pro. There are some initial configuration items that need to be addressed, but it’s pretty quick to get up and running out of the box. However, additional time is required to set up features like authentication and load balancing. Detailed information about setting up RStudio Connect can be found in the admin guide.
One important thing to consider is that changing the authentication provider is not supported and requires a full purge of RStudio Connect. Therefore, it’s wise to select the proper authentication provider during the initial setup. Based on my experience, RStudio Connect is typically installed and rolled out within a week, often within a few days, assuming there are no unforeseen hurdles or challenges.
A 45 day evaluation of RStudio Connect is available for download, during which time you have full access to RStudio support. For additional information please reach out to your customer success representative.