what is the usuage of this HR QR in the following code ?

What does the HQ QR hold meaning ?

all_trips_v2 <- all_trips[!(all_trips$start_station_name == "HQ QR" | all_trips$ride_length<0),]

I think that the 'R side' of this code will be clear to you:
extract from all_trips all rows where either start_station_name is equal to "HQ QR" or ride_length < 0
EDIT: where this is not TRUE of course

To answer the question which station has the identification "HQ QR" you have to ask the provider of the original data. Often data is delivered with a data dictionary that describes the fields in the data with its contents.
In case this is difficult try to 'google' on "HQ QR"with additional keywords for the field you are working in and e.g. the name of the original dataset or industry or university or whatever to restrict the number of google hits.

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