What is the equivalent of MATLAB Livescript in R Studio?

I am a MATLAB user seeking to evaluate and transition to RStudio. MATLAB Livescripts are similar to Jupyter and are well described at:

MATLAB Livescript filetypes are .mlx What is the equivalent filetype in RStudio?
What is the equivalent of MATLAB Livescript in R Studio?

It would be nice to be able to summon the simmer vignette and single step through the commands like a MATLAB Livescript or Jupyter notebook


The equivalent in R (RStudio is just an IDE for the R programming language) would be .Rmd (RMarkdown) or .qmd (Quarto) which is the next generation tool that supports not only R but Python, Julia and Observable

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What is the difference between .rmd and qml? I'd like to select the right tool for the work

Rmarkdown is an R package, is mainly focused on R with some support for other languages but used from whitin the R ecosystem. Quarto on the other hand, is an independent software with different levels of integration with development tools like RStudio or VS Code and it is not focused specifically on R, it is meant to supersed RMarkdown in the future and most new developments are going to take place in Quarto but for the time being some specific applications are only possible in RMarkdown, for example, rendering websites with heavily customized themes is only possible with blogdown, which is an RMarkdown extension.

So, the right tool for the job is going to depend on what the job actually is.

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