What is the difference between rstudio-connect and rstudio-pro

My understanding from the documents available was rstudio-connect is like a central repo to store all the code (something like github) and rstudio pro is like a remote R server.
Is my understanding correct if yes what are the advantages of using rstudio connect as opposed to using internal enterprise github.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your question!

RStudio Server Pro - Very similar to the Desktop IDE, but runs on a server. This is very helpful for a few reasons: it allows you to have more compute resources closer to your data, it provides a uniform environment for teams that makes it easier to collaborate, and it provides controls for administrators to monitor and scale work.

RStudio Connect - Makes it easy to share R Markdown reports, deploy shiny web applications, and deploy APIs written in R. Connect can also be used to share Jupyter Notebooks. Whereas GitHub stores your code statically, RStudio Connect knows how to run it, which means your work can be accessible to non R users. For example, a user can visit a shiny application on RStudio Connect and interact with the app without ever knowing R code is involved! Likewise, you can have RStudio Connect run reports on a schedule and send emails with the results.

Our team would be happy to chat further about the differences, or show you a demo. Alternatively, you can try our Quickstart VM or take a look at beta.rstudioconnect.com.


Thank you for your response.

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