What is RStudio's roadmap for LaTeX enhancements?

I use knitr with LaTeX every day at work. While RStudio is state-of-the-art when editing the R chunks of the document or knitting the document, I've noticed that the syntax highlighting and autocompletion offered by other IDE's (like ShareLaTeX or the LaTeXTools plug-in for Sublime Text) make editing the prose, captions, citations, etc easier and more fun than doing it through RStudio.

I remember hearing back in April 2016 that some enhancements were planned later in the year. If I've overlooked some I apologise.

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RStudio is probably never going to be a first-class LaTeX editor, but we have indeed made some enhancements in the last year. One of them is that you now get in-line live previews for LaTeX equations:

There are also some third-party add-ins for RStudio which make writing LaTeX manuscripts more convenient, such as the citr helper for managing and inserting bibtex citations: