what is felxdashboard trying to download

I am trying to output the flexdashboard template created by Rstudio. it compiles the .md file and then fails on curl:

Error in curl::curl_download(url, dest, handle = handle, quiet = FALSE, : schannel: failed to receive handshake, SSL/TLS connection failed

this is inside a firewall and github is blocked. CRAN is allowed. if anybody knows what is it that flexdashboard tries to get I can get it and install it in other ways.

it is trying to download the fonts. however, I installed the fonts and it still tries to download and fails.

Can you share the whole error log ? If you call rmarkdown::render() on console with your file, you can them also call traceback() and share the results. This will tell us which part of the rendering is connecting through the net.

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