What is `Config/autostyle/*:` for in pkg `DESCRIPTION`?

I've just noticed some packages (e.g. DBI or pillar) add lines like

Config/autostyle/scope: line_breaks
Config/autostyle/strict: true

to their package DESCRIPTION.

What do these lines configure exactly? I couldn't find anything about it using search engines.

These lines go together with the GitHub Actions workflow for running {styler} that @krlmlr has in quite a few packages, see pillar/.github/workflows/style/action.yml at main · r-lib/pillar · GitHub

For more info on custom DESCRIPTION fields in general, see R Packages (2e) - 9  DESCRIPTION

Thank you very much @maelle for the explanation! I didn't realize this config is for a GH action, but rather thought it was some (undocumented) config for styler or another R package I missed out on.

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