What is a good IDE other than Rstudio?

Rstudio is running extremely slow on my main work computer. I have tried resintalling R, all libraries and of course Rstudio itself. Nothing helps, and everything else runs fine on the computer. I have two other computeres with installations of R and Rstudio and they run fine.

Anyway, the speed issue is now so annoying that I have decided to abandon Rstudio in pursuit of something better.

I have looked at Visual Studio IDE and Intellij IDEA.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should try out. Besides the speed issue in Rstudio I am very happy with that IDE.

I love Rstudio, Especially the new release. But I was wondering what other developer environments people here use. I've come across emacs + ESS, Visual Studio, and more lightweight editors like Atom/VS Code with a bunch of extensions added in. What setup do you all use?

You realise that you are on an R Studio forum don't you?

The speed issue is probably something to do with your computer (or how you have set it up) rather than with R Studio itself. I have never had any issues with it.

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Try changing this option from the menu bar:

Tools > Global Options... > General > Advanced > OS Integration > Software

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