What is a comprehensive COOKBOOK for TIDYEVAL?

Let's say I don't care at all about the theory of tidyeval, but all I want to see is loads of opinionanted examples of how to do things with tidyeval.

Is there a cookbook that is heavy on examples but has minimal/no theory or explanations?

Also, it should not be about examples to explain the theory. Instead, the cookbook should just list usable examples.

Looking for something like one of these, but specifically for tidyeval:

Often, I know what I want to do, and just need to see it done, instead of reading an explanation why.

What is the best cookbook for tidyeval? Thanks :raised_hands:


I'm not sure that this exists yet, definitely.
Some of the resources in here might be useful to you in the meantime (e.g. theory free tidyeval, most common actions etc)

Update from OP

I have found these 2 to be useful:

and the official cheatsheet: