What happens when the notebook enters sleep mode while R code is running?

I have to run hours-long simulations and sometimes I left my notebook unplugged from the energy cable. This makes it to get into sleep mode after 15 min (user configuration; which is something I would not like to change).

Most of the times when I turn the notebook on again (from the sleep mode), the simulation or the calculation crashes, or even the RStudio crashes completely. But sometimes RStudio continues processing all the commands as nothing happened.

What happens with the environment, working functions, etc, when the notebook goes into sleeping mode?

Is it possible your system is actually going to hibernate rather than sleep? I ask because I would think that that sort of thing would be more likely to have problems. Also the general issue of power modes of systems would seem to me to be operating system dependent, I would think any apps running on such a system are at its whim and wouldn't be particularly responsible for the outcomes, though admittedly I am not a native app developer.

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