What happens when I remove a member from RStudio Cloud?

I have a project which has two admin members linked to it - myself and somebody else, let's call her Jane.

I no longer wish to include Jane in the project as she is no longer part of it, and thus will remove her from it; however, I would like to know what will happen when I do this.

Will Jane receive a notification informing her of the change or will she be none the wiser (unless, of course, she tries to access it in future)? Preferably, as she is no longer involved in the project, then I would assume that she needn't know of this change.

Nothing is at risk in excluding her. If anything, the project will be somewhat safer without her having access.

@MusTheDataGuy The answer to your question depends on a couple of things -- I'm assuming your project is in a space, and Jane is a member (admin) of that space, is that correct? Did Jane create the project, or did you (or someone else)?

It was I who created the project and yes, it is in a space.

Ideally I would like to remove Jane without her being alerted to the fact; this is why I want to know what happens when a member (admin or otherwise) is removed from a project. Are they alerted to the fact or is the removal "silent"?

We do not currently send any notifications when a user is removed from a space, it's a silent operation. When you remove a user from a space, all projects they created are also removed (and sent to their personal workspace), but if she didn't create this one, that should not be an issue. Once you remove her from your space she will no longer see it listed in the list of spaces she has access to, and will not be able to access it (or projects in it).

(Note that one exception to this is if she is also a member of your account, but unless you're also using shinyapps.io that's pretty uncommon.)

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