What happens to my Course space & student's work if I cancel my Cloud Instructor plan?

I am not teaching currently and will likely cancel my Cloud Instructor account until I restart teaching next year as I'm not using it. What happens to the course space I created in my plan and the students' work if I cancel this plan?


Hi @ucfagls ,

Thanks for your question!

Nothing will happen to your space or your students' work if you cancel your plan: at the start of the next billing cycle after you cancel, your account will switch to Cloud Free and be subject to all Cloud Free limits going forward. So, if your account is over the project limit at that point you/your students won't be able to create any more projects, and if you use all included project hours, you/students won't be able to open projects until your cycle resets or you upgrade again, but your space(s) and projects will not be deleted. You can resubscribe again at any time.

Hope that answers your question! Check out the Cancel Your Account section of the Guide which covers this too, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


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Thanks @mel! That’s great. I had seen the section you mentioned but it wasn’t clear to me what would happen in the teaching context when students work was in the shared workspace I’d set up for the course.

Sure thing!

To elaborate on this a little:

All projects in space(s) owned by your account, regardless of who they are authored by, count toward your account limits. You can see a list of all spaces owned by your account if you click your name/icon in the upper right to open the user popup, click "Account" to open the Account Overview, and then click "Spaces" in the header.

Note that if you later remove members from your space, you will have the option of removing the projects they authored too. If you do that, the projects will be gone from your space (the same is true if you remove projects one by one via the Projects list). If you do not remove members (or move projects), or if you remove members but choose to leave the projects where they are, the projects will stay in your space(s), regardless of your subscription status.

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