What happens if I upgrade the package during work?

What happens if I upgrade the package when there are several projects and sessions that I'm working on?

Many people are currently analyzing a lot of projects.
However, the not installed packages have been identified, and you need to install more of them.

But the files that are dependent, To install your package, all may need to install.

In the process of installing all dependency files, will other packages be updated affect existing projects?

Is there a way to check which files are updated before installing all the packages?

If not, does package update not affect the project?

The package that I need to install is...
sudo yum install libjpeg-turbo-devel
because An error occurred without the header jpeglib.h

sorry I've searched a lot on Google, but my English is poor, so it's hard to search without the help of a google translator.

You should research whether renv solves your issues, it solved mine.

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