What happened to the save function?

Hi all,

So, for as long as I can remember, probably like many of you, after writing a line of code or two or making any minute change (if you're on a mac) you'd obsessively and neurotically click "CMD+S" and save your code/progress/any changes you've made because god forbid something happen, right?

Up until maybe an hour ago, that's how it worked for me. Now, when I do that, I get a source() function activated to my working directory and it shows it in the command line? It never did that before until yeah, like an hour ago at best. Here's a screenshot (for context, I'm doing some research into COVID-19 vaccine adverse events from the VAERS data set and what you're seeing is stuff pertaining to that):

Why am I getting this source() function activated whenever I try to save? It takes some time too. Not a whole lot, but, enough that it is kind of annoying. It isn't instant anymore and now it's also presenting me with an error. I think it's like, running my entire script or something?

Has anybody ever encountered this before or has a fix for it? It's super annoying.

I fully confess that I could very well just be stupid and unaware of how things work so if that does turn out to be the case, I won't take offense. Oftentimes, the tear-your-hair-out level of annoying errors often boil down to "user error" lol. Thanks!

Isn't the error just saying that you have something wrong with one of your variable names?

Check out your keyboard shortcuts. I'd double-check Cmd+S is still Save Current Document.
Interestingly, source active document is, by default, very similar. It's set to Shift+Cmd+S.
Perhaps your shortcuts need updating or you're accidentally hitting shift.

Hi! Thanks for your helpful reply! Turns out, there's a little radio button thing I unknowingly clicked at the top called "source on save." That fixed the issue. Again, like I suspected, "user error" is what it boils down to lol.

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