What does this code explain? Do Rstudio has hotel_bookings.csv file package or not? Or something eles.

That csv file may be included in an R package but I do not recall seeing it before. There is a kaggle file with that name:
Is that what you are looking for?

Yes, Kaggle has it but RStudio also has it . I did some practices using this dataset. Later, I applied remove() function and it's gone. I was trying to find the dataset again in the packages and I don't find it anymore even though I reinstalled the RStudio.

I am new to the R programming.

Thanks for responding.

Many R packages include data sets. If you know what packages you had loaded in your previous session, load those and you should be able to find the data set you want. RStudio is software separate from R and its packages and it does not include any data sets. You could just download the csv file from kaggle and store it in a convenient location.

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Thanks for the response.

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