What does the "Jobs" tab in RStudio 1.2.637 do?

I installed the latest preview of RStudio and a noticed a "Jobs" tab on the top-right pane. It is currently show a "No jobs currently running".
There is no mention of it in the release notes. So, what does it actually do? What types of jobs are we talking about here?

Keep in mind that current stable and announced release is 1.1.xxx. What you have right now is a daily build, so it is not surprising that you don't see any release information about that. Basically, let's wait and see what this is all about in due time when it is officially released :slight_smile:


You missed a chance to make up a really good story about how RStudio is following the Stack Overflow business model and will generate revenue through targeted job listings.


If you are still wondering, here it is: Running RStudio (1.2) Background Jobs


I was about to post the same link to you :slight_smile:

Just for direct linking to blog post without going through an aggregator:

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