What does the below line means? can anyone guide me to create a ui for my project flight delay prediction using shiny?

using svm. library e1071

svm.modelR <- tune.svm(ArrDelL ~., data = FilteredTrain, gamma = 10^(-5:-2), cost = 10^(-2:0))

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I think the way you have asked this question makes it very unlikely to get you a good reply. Firstly, you're asking two separate questions. I would encourage you to re-write this post given the following advice: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions

For a guide of the tune.svm function in the e1071 package, here are a couple of tutorials:

For shiny, a really nice way to get started is to work through the shiny tutorial. In three hours it walks through the basic elements to build many types of shiny apps.

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