What do the "Connections" metric for Shiny apps hosted on shinyapps.io represent?

According to [this page](The number of connections
), the "Connections" metric for Shiny apps hosted on shinyapps.io represents:

"The number of connections"

However, this is confusing, as many of the values for mine are < 1:

Whereas I thought this would represent the number of people who opened (connected to) the app. What does this metric (the number of connections) mean?

The connections show the number of individual browser connections to the app. The metrics that are accessed from the shinyapps.io dashboard, including connections, are aggregated using mean, based on the time range of the graph, as described in this [article] (https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/227057728-Metrics-in-shinyapps-io). This can lead to connections numbers less than 1 to be displayed in the dashboard. Selecting "1 day" from the dropdown box in the upper left of the metrics pane, will enable you to get a better sense of how the numbers are displayed and what they mean.