What do I need in order to run R on a server for customers

I am currently working on a project where I need to install a web-based application on a server. This web-based application runs code that implements various languages/platforms. Some of them being RStudio and Matlab.

For example: For the user to run the web-based application on their personal device (which does not have any platforms installed), the server on which the web-based application is installed needs to have Matlab's Web-App Server along with various Compilers and Toolboxes installed as well.

Now my query is: What do I need installed on the server for the web-based application to implement RStudio (for users who do not have any programs/platforms installed on their personal devices). Is RStudio Server all I need?

Thank you!

You will need to make a version of R available as well. Either one of our builds (Posit - Install R - Posit Documentation; adding to PATH is necessary with RStudio Server) or the one provided by the OS. When using a OS provided R make sure to also include development tools, as people would have difficulties installing add-on packages from CRAN otherwise. You might also have to install some system packages to make it easier for users to install CRAN packages. Posit Connect Documentation Version 2024.02.0 - Manual Installation can be a starting point for that.

Hi. Thank you for your time and reply.

So I was wondering if it is possible for a user to run the web application (that implements R) simply on the internet without downloading/installing anything themselves. Ultimately, pressing a button on the web application which - runs & implements the R code on the server and outputs the relevant data/graphs to the user.

Thank You again!

Installing just R and RStudio Server will allow users to execute some R code without the need to install anything else, but a lot of R code requires additional packages from CRAN that won't be available without installation. Most of the time the installation process is pretty painless and possible from the IDE provided by RStudio Server. However, you could also pre-install packages in the site-library of the R installation. But it might be difficult to predict which packages your users will need.

Great. Thank you so much for your help.

We are looking into making this web application (which implements R) for commercial use through our server. Does that mean we need to purchase a paid license for these products? And if so, is there a set pricing or do we need to schedule a meeting?

Thank you.

We offer various FOSS tools, including RStudio Server and Shiny Server that allow you to build such web applications also for commercial purposes, as long as you abide by the license (AGPL).

We also have commercial offerings, which could interest you if that license does not suit you, or if you need features that are only available in there, e.g. (enhanced) authentication, auditing etc. You can get initial information at Posit Pricing - Open Source Data Science for the Enterprise, but given the many options it would make sense to schedule a meeting with our sales team.

Thank you very much for the help and advice.

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