What are your favorite slides/other material for teaching Github to complete beginners?

The research group I'm a part of is going to start using version control and Github (yay!). I will probably run a workshop to help get it off the ground, so I'm wondering if people have recommendations for doing a workshop for complete beginners. So far my rough plan is to combine material from happy git with R and Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk
about version control?
, but definitely would love to hear from others who have done this before. Thanks in advance!

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Datacamp has an Introductory course to Git, might be useful for complete beginners.

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Though you've already gotten two of my favourites, I rounded up those plus a few more here:


There's also a free, interactive tutorial from CodeSchool, Try Git (though it should be Try GitHub, really), that's useful for beginners:

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I found this entry by Hadley to be pretty good for a quick starting point.

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Thanks all! These look like great resources. The interactive tutorials should be really helpful

Some quick tips from my own git courses:

When teaching, try not to lecture too much, instead, provide exercises and walk around to answer questions.

Don’t forget to instill, from the beginning, good git commit message habits. See the 7 rules here (scroll down a bit): https://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/

Maybe copy paste those and reference the source in the tutorial that you make.

Last, keep in mind that a lot of what people need to know about GitHub is on the web interface - no need to introduce fancy command line too soon.

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