What are your favorite Rstudio addins?

I hope that, here will be a good place to make the RStudio Add-ins public. So what do you think?

Some basic informations on RStudio Add-ins:

What are Add-ins?

How to build them?

How many of them are there?


Remedy is a markdown editor add in It provides a ton of shortcuts that make it easier to quickly write markdown in Rstudio. I was actually really surprised when I found out Rstudio doesn't come with this functionality.


When I saw the title, I was going to link you... to your own GitHub page! I check it every once in a while to see if there is anything that can make life easier, or anything fun and novel. Thanks for maintaining it! :clap:t2:

Personally, I most frequently use colourpicker and ggThemeAssist.


Personally, I often use:

mischelper for fast shortcuts to microbenchmark and profvis

strcode for inserting comment blocks

testthis for some "facilitators" for unit testing (e.g., auto creation of test skeletons, opening of test files, etc.)

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Related, not exactly responding: The Add-ins menu list default sorts on the developer name. Is there anyway to change the sort, perhaps rank by use? (Maybe I'm dreaming, here?)


RStudio 1.1 fixed this!

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I :blue_heart: hrbraddins for that sweet, sweet Bare Combine:

Also styler


Thanks for promoting my package :slight_smile: I am happy to say that as of today testthis is on CRAN. (vignette)


My favourites and most used:

DATAPASTA: easy and powerful copy and paste




I should plug my word wrapping plug in :relieved: https://github.com/tjmahr/WrapRmd


If you write a lot of narrative text in RStudio, you might find wordcountaddin useful for counting words and getting readability stats (in all or part of a document), and gramr for identifying bad writing styles.

We've already got spell check in RStudio, but I think it would be more useful and natural as lintr-style, on-the-fly spell-check built into RStudio, rather than hitting F7 periodically. Then we could get misspelled words underlined as we type, and listed in the RStudio Markers pane. That would really improve the writing experience in RStudio!


Addin alignAssign is in the same category as styler, but it just does only one task:

turning this

a <- "text"
longVariableName <- "something"
fit <- lm( y ~ ., data = dfr)

into this

a                <- "text"
longVariableName <- "something"
myfit            <- lm(y ~ ., data = dfr)

I have been craving this and did not know about it— so yay for shameless self-promotion!!

cronR package - it makes regular scraping of web / twitter a breeze.
Especially fun when left running on RStudio Server on AWS.

Is there an add-in that will arrange the open source files in my project alphabetically?

I typically start by naming files like this:

  • 01_functions.R
  • 10_get_data.R
  • 20_play_data.R
  • 30_markdown.Rmd
  • 99_20171115_budget_evaluation
  • 99_20171129_analysis_for_Bob

Eventually, projects become an unruly mess of files. An add-in to arrange open source files alphabetically would be very helpful for me.

the janitor package has been extremely useful for general data cleansing tasks:


That isn't an addin or at least doesn't add an addin

Literally “hnnnnnnng”ed out loud when I saw excel_numeric_to_date() in janitor.

I haven't used the package in quite sometime, but they have some new functions around cross-tabbing that look promising. Do you run into that issue quite often with excel data in R?

I find the taskscheduleR add-in very useful for scheduling scripts to run on my Windows computer at work. I imagine it is very similar to the cronR package mentioned by @jlacko

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