What are the shiny features? Can it host webservices?

I am a first time visitor of https://www.shinyapps.io
And wondering what are the features.
The only thing I see with my Web browser is Easy to Use, Secure and Scalable.
But no links to any useful content.
Basically I wanted to know if the free Plan could be used to host web services?
post data to web service
do something with R
Return result to web services client

hi @matjung, did you see the documentation?

Hello @Ginberg,
deliberately I did not read the 10 chapters documents as I did not order any offer yet.
I thought it is best to ask the community if it can or can not host any web services.
Best Regards

It's for hosting apps made by shiny.
Do you have an app that you made with shiny?
If you have one or want to make one,.. shinyapps.io is a hosting service for that.

Hello nirgrahamuk,
maybe you are more experienced with shinyapps then I am.
I am in the process to find out if it can do web services and if it can run R code.
For the moment I believe it can do R.
I did not see any indication that it can do web services, can it?
Terminology and skill like app - shiny - image - project - etc. is not relevant to me.
That can be learnt fast. But if it cannot do web services there is no point in spending time with it.
Can you access a shiny app with a web service?
Like posting or puting data from a web services client to the shiny app which executes some R code and returns XML or JSON to the web services client?

Shinys core purpose is to make webapps, as such it is not an ideal solution to host a pure web-service.
you could look at https://www.rplumber.io/ , and maybe others here have other suggestions

Thanks Nirgrahamuk - I check out rplumber