What are the goto resources for Machine learning in R

I have recently started learning r and i found this article today and its quite disturbing.

I just need some opinions on it. No debate, no python vs r or any arguement. Just a normal answer. I haven't started learning machine learning but It's good no know that the language has a decent support for it.

It also stems from the fact that I read the entire R 4 data science and learned quite a lot about tidyverse but there was no mentioning of machine learning. even the tidyverse itself lacks a package for machine learning.

More importantly this chart scares me.

So I thought I ask some real people do you think this study was biased or is it reality. Please post your review it matters a lot.

There is a thread here on ML books:

As discussed elsewhere there have been many computer science people who have moved into data science in recent years for whom python would be the more natural choice, so hence the growth.

More generally, I would ignore most things on kdnuggets.


This Package is asking me to download python

Error: Keras installation failed (no conda binary found)

Install Anaconda for Python 3.x (https://www.continuum.io/downloads#windows)
before installing Keras.

so it's just connecting pythong with R to do the heavylifting.

There has been a lot of ink spilled on debating relative merits of R and python. The soundest piece of advice I found so far is use the tool you are the most comfortable with. Neither is going to replace the other.
To me it is R, because it's superior presentation packages - think ggplot, ggmap and tmap (they make me feel spatial) but others will see it differently.