Weird screen: some tables or outputs overlap

Is this (see youtube video) a feature or a bug?

If I'm understanding what you mean correctly, I believe it's a feature. It saves some space when you're working interactively, if you want to see output inline. If you have multiple output in a single chunk, it allows you to navigate through them.

thanks for your reply. The strange behaviour is that when you collapse a section, the outpot is not collapsed with the section.

Expected behavior:

  1. Chuck with text, code, and output (i.e. a table)
  2. Collapse
  3. Everything is collapsed

Current behavior
3. only text and code is collapsed.

The issue is that when you uncollapse one section, the rest of the output that wasn't collapsed overlaps as seen in the video (windows 7)

Thanks for your time!

Oh, I see what you mean. I'm not sure what the correct behaviour would be there—since it's just collapsed for the moment, the output isn't "gone," per se, but I think I understand your line of thinking.

Thanks, and sorry for my english.

The chunks are collapsed OK, but the output (analysis or graph) sometimes are not entirely collapsed. My believe is that is a bug, since the expected behaviour is that the chuck and the output are collapsed.

That makes sense— for some reason I was thinking about the multiple outputs for a single chunk.

You can file an issue in the rstudio GitHub repo, if you like:

Just double-check to make sure there isn't already one there. (I took a quick look, but two sets of eyes are always better :slight_smile:)

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