Weekly sum for time series of two variables

Dear all,

i have a time series of precipitation and temperature (2010-2021) and i am trying to extract the annual maximum of pr and the 7 day avareg temp, for the day of maximum pr and previous 6 days.
I was able to extract the annual maximum for Pr but i couldnt manage to get the average 7day tmp.
e.g., annual maximum pr for 2010 is 15mm on 12/08/2010 now i need aveage temp 06-12/08/2010.

date Pr Tmp
01/01/2010 0.00 16
02/01/2010 0.00 17.34
03/01/2010 0.01 15.50
04/01/2010 0.00 20.09
05/01/2010 0.00 20.00
05/01/2021 0.00 19.05

I think I would try using something like this:
Sliding Window Functions • slider (davisvaughan.github.io)

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