webexercises in quarto, compare with pretext

I am using quarto with webexercises to author a textbook. I wonder if there is any interest in developing these three : parsons problems, matching problems, and clickable area interactives in webexercises. Does there already exist a way to create these types of interactives in quarto with a different package? For example, pretext has these capabilities for comparison.
The available interactives in webexercises are more limited.

Currently, webexercises doesn't have built-in support for parsons problems, which involve reasoning about logical statements and drawing conclusions. However, you can potentially create similar challenges using multiple-choice or short answer exercises with carefully crafted options and feedback messages.

Yes, there are many ways to work around the lack of functionality and avoid having to develop it. The OP question here posed instead is whether there are existing packages with similar functionality which could perhaps be adapted to indeed develop these types of problems. Maybe some package with drag and drop functionality that could be modified for parsons, for example. The best solution may also be to just not use quarto, if pretext is superior for these types of interactives. I'm new to quarto and very curious to know how open to development is the community. If there are pathways to develop interactives like this over the next number of years it may still be worthwhile to hold out with quarto.

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