web scrapping lyrics on genius API

Hi! I was trying to get the lyrics of the songs of a singer (rosalia). There are 87 songs, taken from Genius.

I have a table where the first column is the urls of the songs, and in the second column the title of the songs. I created a third column for the lyrics.

URL ex. ROSALÍA – Aute Cuture Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I try to do web scraping with this code, but it doesn't work.

for (i in 1:87) {
  rosalia_lyrics$letras[i] = read_html(rosalia_lyrics$enlaces[i]) %>% html_nodes("lyrics") %>% html_text()}

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The answer is:

Error in rosalia_lyrics$letras[i] <- read_html(rosalia_lyrics$enlaces[i]) %>% :
replacement has length zero

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