I am new at web scraping and need some help.

I'm trying to get information from a website ("url" + "page number") about the links under the yellow color (in the image), under the "href".

I made this code using "a class" selector but it doesn't work. The result for tableoflinks is "character(empty)".

For each "page number" one page contains information about 20-22 links and I need all those 22 links in the "href" for thousands of "page numbers".

I'm sure you shared this image with the best intentions, but perhaps you didnt realise what it implies.
If someone wished to use example data to test code against, they would type it out from your screenshot...

This is very unlikely to happen, and so it reduces the likelihood you will receive the help you desire.
Therefore please see this guide on how to reprex data. Key to this is use of either datapasta, or dput() to share your data as code

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