Web Scraping + RStudioCloud

Hi, Thanks for creating RStudioCloud.

I would like to ask a question about using RStudioCloud for Web Scraping. Is it allowed to run Web Scraping on RStudioCloud to legally obtain government public data?
How much space does Gb RStudioCloud make available to the user?

I currently maintain a Web Scraping + RStudio on a Droplet on DigitalOcean for $ 12, which provides 1 CPU and 70 Gb of space.

However, I would like to migrate the execution of my Web Scraping to RStudioClould. I have not identified bans on RStudioClould's "Terms and Conditions".

My Web Scraping captures public governmental data and does not violate legal norms in Brazil. Follow the link from my repository: https://github.com/georgevbsantiago/tcmbappersonal
Ps: The text is written in Brazilian Portuguese.

Every project is executed by a non-profit organization (Observatório Social do Brasil). We use Web Scraping to capture public data and transform it into information for Brazilian society to exercise citizenship.

Finally, if it is possible to use RStudioClould in our project, would you like to know how I can help by paying $ 12 for you to provide an infrastructure similar to that of DigitalOcen (1 CPU, 70 Gb of space)?

I am no lawyer, but if the object of your scraping allows scraping, then there should be no issue executing it from rstudio.cloud.

rstudio.cloud is currently limited to 1 GB of RAM, and the storage is spread available is 3 GB for each of the project and home directories.

The service is currently in alpha, and not taking money from individuals.

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