Web scraping language problem


I'm new here and fairly new in R. I've been following a simple online tutorial on web scraping tutorial and have an issue with the language the scraped data is. My computer, my browser, my RStudio and everything is in english; when I enter the url, all content is in english; but the scraped data is in spanish (I live in a spanish speaking country).

The specific scraped example is about top 100 ranked movies in IMBD website, which are all in english when I see them through any browser, but the scraped data (title, movie description, etc) is in spanish.

The main problem, besides my personal preference, is that special characters (é, í, á) appear as <U+00ED> or something like that (even after setting UTF-8). Any solution for these weird symbols would be appreciated as well (Mac OS, if it matters).

Thanks in advanced

It will improve your odds of getting assistance if you provide code that illustrates your issue.

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