Web Scrape in R

Hi there! I have been trying to scrape a website.
I get this error

" Error: 'movie_links' does not exist in current working directory ('F:/Data_Science/Casestudies/Webscrape_IMDB')."

Below is the code:

get_cast = function(movie_links)
  movie_page = read_html("movie_links")
  movie_cast = movie_page %>% html_nodes(".primary_photo+ td a") %>% html_text() %>% paste(collapse=(","))

 movies = data.frame()

for(page_result in seq(from=1,to=50,by=51))
  next_page_link = paste0("https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?title_type=feature&year=2020-01-01,2020-12-31&start=",page_result,"&ref_=adv_nxt")

  next_page_infor = read_html(next_page_link)
  name = next_page_infor %>% html_nodes(".lister-item-header a") %>% html_text()
  year = next_page_infor %>% html_nodes(".text-muted.unbold") %>% html_text() %>% str_trim() 
  synopsis = next_page_infor %>% html_nodes(".ratings-bar+ .text-muted") %>% html_text() %>% str_trim() %>% as.character()
  rate = next_page_infor %>% html_nodes(".ratings-imdb-rating strong") %>% html_text() %>% as.numeric()

  # Extract Page url section and paste with domain name for entire list.
movie_links = next_page_infor %>% html_nodes(".lister-item-header a") %>% html_attr("href") %>%
  paste0("https://www.imdb.com",., sep="") 

cast = sapply(movie_links,FUN = get_cast,USE.NAMES = FALSE)
  rbind(movies,data.frame(name,year,synopsis,rate,cast,stringsAsFactors = FALSE))
  print(paste0("Page No:",page_result))

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


If you use quotes, R recognises this as a character string, not a variable.

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Thanks @andresrcs
It worked.

I have one more question, when I run this code to scrape the 2nd page.
One of the movies do not contain rating. Hence, I am getting an error when I try to put all entries into a dataframe due to different vector length.

Any suggestions to handle, NA values in web scraping.

Please note, above shared code for loop should be as follows:
for(page_result in seq(from=1,to=51,by=50))

Sorry for the typo error.


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