was locked out from the projects

Hi R Studio Cloud Team,

Unfortunately I can not access my project because I hit the usage limit:

I understand that it is probably my fault, but the bar was orange like half way for a long time before it hitted red today unexpectedly for me. I did not managed to at least copied the code to do my university project it further on my computer.

Is it somehow possible to access the code in my project? I think I will spend too much time writing it again since it was visualisation of the data and I was twiking it a lot too look the way it needed

it would be also nice if where would be like a warning so we could see hitting the limit. however it is possible that it is only me since I am not a native English speaker

I know that there is the offering for the students, but honestly with the pandemic and currency at my country the prising for me personally is a lot

sorry for the inconvenience

No problem - we can help you out. We'll send you a direct message shortly.

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