Warning In serialize(data, node$con) : 'package:stats' may not be available when loading

I can see from the link above that this was an issue almost three years ago, with plans that this will be addressed in newer versions. I have a relatively new version of R (4.2.2) and I still come across the same issue when running any package that attempts to utilise parallel processing.

An example of code below using the Autotuner and mtbls2 packages.

rawPaths2 <- dir(path="C:/Users/xxxxxx/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.2/mtbls2/mzML", pattern=".mzML", all.files=TRUE, full.names=TRUE,
recursive = FALSE)

metadata <- read.table(system.file(
package = "mtbls2"), header = TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

metadata$Raw.Spectral.Data.File <- basename(rawPaths2)

Autotuner <- createAutotuner(rawPaths2,
file_col = "Raw.Spectral.Data.File",
factorCol = "Factor.Value.genotype.")

The warning repeats 16 times which I presume corresponds with the number of samples.
Warning messages()
16: In serialize(data, node$con) :
'package:stats' may not be available when loading

Any advice would be appreciated please.

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