Warning in rcmdcheck "Warning: '::' or ':::' import not declared from: ‘rlang’"

EDIT: I am a fool and was actually checking a different version on CRAN/rcmdcheck.

So I'm getting this warning in github-actions runs:

Warning: '::' or ':::' import not declared from: ‘rlang’

using r-lib/actions/check-r-package@v2.

workflow entry:

  - uses: r-lib/actions/check-r-package@v2
      '_R_CHECK_LIMIT_CORES_': 'warn'
      args: 'c("--no-manual", "--no-vignettes")'
      build_args: 'c("--no-manual", "--no-build-vignettes")'

This causes the workflow run to error out. I don't want to circumvent this with error-on: '"error"'.

Usually the answer to this warning is to add rlang to DESCRIPTION, but the thing is rlang is nowhere to be found in the source code of the package (search-all 'rlang' returns nothing). Moreover, running rmdcheck locally and passes with no such warning. Checks on CRAN servers also return no warnings. Any ideas on what the difference is between what's happening in github actions and my laptop/CRAN?

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