Warning generated in View() of data.table

When I open a data.table with View(), some warnings are generated. It may not print immediately but will show up together with next warning message.

It could be data.table related but it was only observed in the most recent RStudio preview version.

It looks like some long integers (could be date time values) caused overflow in calculating histogram (maybe View() calculated histogram for the column histogram feature).

Test data (a small data.table)

# load data into workspace
all_dt <- readRDS("~/Projects/ctmmweb/inst/app/all_dt.rds")
> warnings()
Warning messages:
1: In n * h : NAs produced by integer overflow
2: In breaks[-1L] + breaks[-nB] : NAs produced by integer overflow

Looks like it has been fixed, but not available for current preview version yet?

kevinushey supress warnings when calling hist()