Wanna use "drive_download" simple

Hello everyone!

I wanna use "drive_download" from the package "googledrive".
It looks sooooo simple in all the *** exemple but it never work for us.

It just wanna download a file '.csv' or '.Rdata' from a google drive to my R server
So :

  1. drive_auth() > OK
  2. drive_get of my specific folder > OK
  3. sku <- drive_download("sku.csv",
    path = as_id(td),
    type = "csv",
    overwrite = TRUE,
    verbose = TRUE)

"Error: 'file' does not identify at least one Drive file."

WHat's the issue ?!

Many thanks to you! :blush:

I don't have the answer but occasionally I get the same error :
'file' does not identify at least one Drive file.
even after the file is downloaded with the messages :
File downloaded: *filename.csv* and
Saved Locally as: *filename.csv*
And I see the file in my folder and am able to open it and view the data as well.

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